Argentine Tango: Body Mapping

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Body Mapping: How to Create Expression from Awareness

Mondays, December 11 & 18

with Micaela Colleen Barrett

Perhaps the most fundamental skill needed to dance tango is a clear understanding of your body in space, and how it relates to another person’s. Without this, we have no way to rely on our technique and no language with which to troubleshoot figures.

Through a variety of solo, partner, and group exercises this 2-part workshop will explore the basics of proprioception, interoception, balance, and provide you with a reliable way to measure progress. While tango is most definitely a social and partner dance, it is also a powerful tool for learning about our unique bodies and human physiology in general.

Each class will run for 90 minutes. Please come dressed in comfortable clothing, we will be working in socks as well as dance shoes.