Bachata Workshop Series – Part 2: Bachata Basics

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BACHATA Workshop Series with Ricardo Torres and Audrey Martinez

Part 1: Introduction to Bachata*
Part 2: Bachata Basics Plus**
Part 3: Bachata Beyond the Basics***

* Saturday, April 15 (1-4pm) Part 1 – Intro to Bachata:
This is the first workshop in a 3 part series. This is perfect for those with no prior dance experience. Bachata is a style of social dance (as well as a genre of Latin American music) that originated in the Dominican Republic, but is now danced all over the world. Ricardo and   Audrey will go over the basic bachata patterns, along with basic latin dance techniques, and basic partnering skills.

**Saturday May 20th (1-4pm)  Part 2 – BACHATA BASICS plus:
This workshop is for beginner bachata dancers.  This is perfect for those who took the Intro to Bachata workshop in April, or for those with a little prior dance experience.

This will still cover all the basics, along with Latin techniques, but will move a little quicker than the intro class. This will allow us to offer more patterns and to work a little more on proper partnering and dancing techniques.

***Saturday June 17th (1-4pm) Part 3- BACHATA-Beyond the Basics:
This is for Pre Int to Int dancers, or those that participated in the last 2 workshops. This workshop will cover more involved patterns and techniques to bring your dancing to the next level.  This dance has really evolved socially since the 1990s, due to a fusion of other dance styles such as salsa, ballroom and tango.

Pricing Per Workshop:
In Advance $45 / Day Of $55
Register for all 3 for $120