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Gift Certificates Make Great Gifts!

Click here to learn more about giving the wonderful gift of dance!

$20 Intro Special

One half-hour Private Session and Dance Assessment

PLUS 1 Free Party Pass
to any of our incredible dance parties!

(Party pass will be good for 30 days from Intro. lesson)

*Offer good for new students only. Not Available for gift card purchase. Subject to additional criteria.

Special Holiday Deals:

Purchase $25 Crash Course Vouchers 
(typically priced at $40-50)
Can be used for any upcoming Crash Course scheduled now thru February 28th, 2018.
Makes great Stocking Stuffer…. You can share the gift of dance with family, friends and/or coworkers….

You may also purchase for yourself to learn a new dance style or as a way to work on your fundamentals… after all Practice Makes Perfect!

Our one day crash courses usually range anywhere from 2.5 to 3.5 hours. Great for beginners interested in learning a new dance style right from scratch and makes a fun way to spend an afternoon during the weekend!

Upcoming styles include Ballroom, Salsa, Swing, & West Coast Swing. Additional dates will be soon listed for the months of January & February 2018.

These vouchers expire February 28th, 2018 so you will have plenty of dates to choose from if you are too busy this holiday and would like to wait for the new year to begin…. why not make it a NY’s Eve Resolution!?!!

Vouchers go on sale Friday, November 17th at noon….
(no further discounts may be applied to this offer)
Vouchers will be held at the front desk until you are ready for pick-up when ordering online.

Click here to purchase starting on Friday, November 17 at noon__


Our monthly Get-It-Right Combo programs

a great dance experience for both group & private lessons at a great price!

2 Private Lessons + 1 set of Monthly Group Classes (4 sessions)

  • A    for singles — Only $199.00 saves $76 off regular prices!
  • B    for couples — Only $249.00 saves $121 off regular prices!
  • C    one Private Lesson + 5 Class Card (single only)
  • Only $149.00 saves $46 off regular prices!

25% Discount for College Students, SAG-AFTRA & AEA

Requires a valid ID that has an expiration date.

This discount cannot be combined with other offers or package pricing.

*Not valid on Introductory special or drop-ins.

Private Lesson Packages

Private Lesson Packages (expire in one year)

Advanced Payment Plan

Package Advance Payment Avg. $ Per
1 Lesson: $95 $95
5 Lessons: $440 $88 ($35 Savings)
Additional Lessons up to 9:
$88 each
10 Lessons: $830 $83 ($50-120 Savings)
Additional Lessons up to 24:
$83 each
25 Lessons: $1,950 $78
Additional Lessons up to 49:
$78 each
50 Lessons: $3,750 $75
Additional Lessons after 50:
$75 each

Flexible Payment Plan

Number of lessons Periodic Payments of # of pmts each 5th lesson Avg. $ Per
1: $95 n/a $95
5: $440 n/a $88
10: $415 2 $83
25: $488 4 $78
50: $469 8 $75

Private lessons are 55 minutes in length. Does not guarantee a private room.
There is a 24 hour cancellation policy on private lessons to avoid being charged.

Monthly Group Courses
(Specific Group, 4 weekly Sessions in the same month*)

# of Group Courses Price Price per Group Price per Class
1 Group (4 hrs) $90 $90 $22.50
2 Groups (8 hrs) $140 $70 $17.50
3 Groups (12 hrs) $180 $60 $15.00
4 Groups (16 hrs) $210 $53 $13.13
5 or more $50 $12.50

Make-up classes are not typically allowed. Students with unpredictable schedules are recommended to purchase Class Cards.

Class Cards (Simply “punch in” to class as you attend*)

Card Size Price Price per Class
5 Class Card (2 month exp.) $100 $20.00
10 Class Card (3 month exp.) $189 $18.90
20 Class Card (3 month exp.) $350 $17.50

Class cards are valid for any Group Class on our schedule… perfect for a busy lifestyle.

Individual group class “Drop-ins” are available at $25 per session at teacher discretion.

Special Performance Classes Available

Ask for details

Studio Policies:

Group classes rotate partners for optimal learning. Privates share dance floor. No Carryovers. No Refunds. Studio Credit Only. Classes may be canceled at studio’s discretion. There is a 24 hour Cancellation Policy on private lessons to avoid being charged.

*Introductory specials are subject to additional criteria. Please inquire within the studio.