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Wedding Dance Programs

Wedding Dance Lessons are our Specialty! Let us help you put the finishing touch on your Wedding Day!

We know how much time and preparation you put into your wedding day. Let us help make it even more special by making those 3 minutes, where all eyes are on you, a beautiful moment that is enjoyable to watch, and great for your photo and video keepsakes.
We work with all skill levels, so don’t worry if you have never danced before. Whether you prefer to dance to a slow romantic tune, a spicy Latin beat, or an energetic upbeat tempo-we are here to either choreograph a full routine, or to just teach you some basic patterns that go with your chosen songs’ dance style.

If you have not yet chosen your song, you can provide us with the options you are considering so we can help you choose the best one for your skill level and style. Or, we can provide recommendations based on your favorite dance and/or musicstyle.  Our teachers will work to choreograph to your personality and skill level.

The more time we have to work with you, the more involved the routine can be. Our recommendation to help give you the confidence and skill you want to possess is – Don’t wait until the last minute – Start now! (In a perfect world, we would recommend starting at least 6 months in advance). We know that schedules can get very busy right before your big day, and finding time to get together may be extremely  limited. Give yourself enough time to be able to get the moves and technique into your muscle memory. The more time that you can devote, the more you will enjoy the learning process, the more confident you will feel, the more comfortable and connected you will be with your partner.  Another recommendation is to set aside some practice time as well.

Learning to dance can be a rewarding and lifelong activity. We want you to enjoy this quality time together.
So-What are you waiting for?

To sign up, Contact Us today!