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Balboa is a swing dance that developed in the late 20’s/early 30’s in Southern California.  It was originally developed for crowded dance floors, emphasizing a close embrace, front-of-body connection, and fancy footwork. Balboa can be enjoyed to all tempos of swing music, traditionally danced to big band era jazz.  A repertoire of more open patterns evolved, which is now referred to as Bal-Swing.  Currently, dancers use a mix of both traditional balboa (known as “pure bal”) and bal-swing patterns to define balboa today.

Upcoming Events

DateTimeTypeTitleDance StyleInstructorSkill Level
Dec. 10 (Tue)09:30pm-11:30pmPartyBalboa PracticeBalboa
Dec. 17 (Tue)09:30pm-12:00amPartyWhite Heat - with live musicBalboa, Swing

*Guest Instructor