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5p-730p with Robert Vance
Hustle is a fast-paced dance that originated in the Disco dance clubs in the 1970’s.  As music changed from rock & roll to the more steady rhythm, of disco music, the dance began to develop and multiple variations of the Hustle were born.

Throughout the 70’s and 80’s, with the help of the developing music (made popular by such films as “Saturday Night Fever”), hustle evolved into what we now dance today – the New York Style Hustle – a smooth dance characterized by fast-moving patterns with many turns.

While primarily associated with disco music, hustle can also be danced to contemporary music.

Check out Robert Vance dancing Hustle with his student at our 2014 Winter Bash Party
(video clip). 

Upcoming Events

DateTimeTypeTitleDance StyleInstructorSkill Level
Jun. 23 (Sat)03:00pm-06:00pmWorkshopHustleHustleRobert Vance, Zulma Rodriguez*Intermediate
Jun. 30 (Sat)03:00pm-06:00pmWorkshopHustleHustleRobert Vance, Zulma Rodriguez*Adv Intermediate, Advanced, Pre Advanced
Jul. 07 (Sat)03:00pm-06:00pmWorkshopHustle (After the Basics)HustleRobert Vance, Zulma Rodriguez*Adv Basics
Jul. 21 (Sat)02:00pm-04:30pmWorkshopSpins, Turns & Pivots TechniqueBallroom, Cha-Cha, Hustle, Latin Dances, Lindy Hop, Salsa on 2, Swing, West Coast SwingRobert VanceOpen
Jul. 28 (Sat)03:00pm-06:00pmWorkshopHustleHustleRobert Vance, Zulma Rodriguez*Intermediate

*Guest Instructor