Hustle – Intermediate

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Saturday, October 20th

with Robert Vance & Zulma Rodriguez

Level: Intermediate

Req: knowledge of basic hustle, counting, 3 count and 6 count turns.

In this workshop, you will be introduced to turn technique and ‘the Egyptian’, and rhythm changes such as double syncopations. Exciting turn patterns will be taught such as Sliding Door variations, the ‘Las Vegas’, Hand Drops, 6 count Reverse Whip, Chasse, Sweatheart, High Rope, and the Diva Walk. Intro to leg and foot technique, lead & follow, and weight carriage will be introduced to make for a more smooth and slick style.

For those who took the previous workshop, please note that the material covered will not be the same, as all material listed cannot be covered in a 3 hour time period.

Pricing: $45 in advance / $55 day of