Millennium Dance Party

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Hosted by YSBD…! & Lori Brizzi every 2nd & 3rd Saturdays of the month!

Join us for Hustle, West Coast Swing & Ballroom in 3 dedicated rooms!

This is our Post Valentine’s Day Party! This dance will feature a Sexy Dance Contest in the Hustle Room, a Strictly Hustle vs Strictly WCS, Silly Prizes…. anything goes (within reason)

$15 per person.

At 8pm: Your Choice…Start off the evening at a *FREE* Pre-Party Lesson or start off your social dancing in the ballroom mix room playing wcs, salsa, hustle and mixed ballroom

9pm-2am: Hustle Room with Nelson ‘Paradise’ Roman

9pm-1am: West Coast Room with Chrissy Bridgeman & Jes Ann Nail

8pm-12:30am: Mixed Ballroom with Peter Trewin