Salsa On 2

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Wed, 7-8pm with Frankie Martinez

Level 1*

Drop-ins welcome in any week.

As the term suggests, “Partner Work” is the expression of Mambo through the unique discipline of coordinated and synchronized movement and communication of 2 or more individuals. In Partner Work practice, the infinite possibilities of turn patterns and “chases”, which consist of patterns made by the coordination of bodies moving in relation to each other in space, either attached or not, are explored in depth.

The most interesting and exciting facet of this practice is the precise Lead/Follow relationship. Developing the skill of communicating our intentions and responses in a refined and subtle way, that remains hidden to the observer. This communication creates a sense of oneness and magic, and an intense feeling that only synchronized and rhythmical movement with another body can produce. All facets from specific hand positions to the exact execution of footwork, as well as the subtleties of Lead/Follow, are addressed and practiced in depth.

*Level 1 is where fundamentals are introduced and material is worked on that requires no prior understanding of the principles or techniques of the art.