Samba de Gafiera Crash Course

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with Brazilian Guest Artist Guigo Sortica

Sunday, March 18

Samba de Gafiera

Samba de Gafieira is one of the most fascinating dances that come from Brazil. It’s a fun, diverse dance; full of circular moves and endless possibilities.

It is the representation of Brazilian spirit and happiness. This workshop will be 2 hours of teaching time, with a 1 hour guided practica/dance party, in which to practice your new moves.

*Please note this is the fourth of five workshops Guigo will be doing the weekend of March 16-18

Pricing Details:
Samba de Gafiera Crash Course Only:
$35 in advance/ $45 Day of

Samba de Gafiera crash course & Swouk (see details below) workshop:
$60 in advance/$70 Day of

All Weekend Package, Fri – Sun workshops (includes dance socials):


Also on this day… check out:

Swouk is a new style of dance which blends both West Coast Swing and Brazilian Zouk. This workshop is focused on how to incorporate Zouk traditional, circular moves and body waves into West Coast Swing.

*Please note this is the fifth of five workshops Guigo will be doing the weekend of March 16-18

Then stick around for a
Swouk Dance Party

Two rooms for dancing:
West Coast Swing & Zouk dedicated dance rooms

$12 (or free if purchased all weekend package)