Spinning Techniques

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Open Level Class*
2-3p with Frankie Martinez
Drop-Ins Welcome in Any Week.

Spinning practice is the training and exploration of the postures, balance techniques and power principles involved in executing free “Turns” and “Spins”. “Turns” are defined as rotation involving multiple steps or changes of weight and “Spins” are defined as more than one rotation without changing the pivot foot. Spinning practice begins with a warm up consisting of exercises designed to develop balance and proper use of the body to create momentum for rotation or torque. These exercises also drill proper use of the head or spotting, and develop the ability to maintain correct posture throughout different degrees of rotation.

The instructional portion follows the warm up, where a short combination of Turns and Spins are thoroughly broken down to their basic elements and the application of techniques drilled in the warm up are explained and demonstrated. This type of training develops the ability to execute multiple turns and spins smoothly, naturally and powerfully both alone and with a partner. It also conditions the muscles and techniques used in any types of direction change used in every facet of the art.

*The Open Level designation is given to specialty training that is suitable for all levels of understanding. The focus will be on the maturing of specific facets of the art through the use of exercises and training methods.