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Audrey Martinez

Audrey Martinez’s experience in the dance industry spans from instructor to program director throughout schools worldwide.She began her dance career at the tender age of four. Her studies included Ballet, Tap, Jazz, HipHop and Folk Dance from various countries. Her passion for dance led her to the world of Ballroom, where she trained in the art of partner dance, learning social dances such as: Salsa/Mambo, NY style Hustle, West Coast Swing, Lindy Hop, and Argentine Tango. She dedicated her time to intensively traveling and studying with living dance legends around the world.Native New Yorker Audrey Martinez is known internationally as a creative, musical, punctual and an adventuress dancer and live performer. Working as an improvisational and show performer, she always captivates an audience with her sultry movement, elegance and feminine cadence.As a teacher she is known by her students as a warm, patient and vivid instructor making classroom time both informative and entertaining. Audrey counts among her teaching credits top sudios locally (including the Julliard School), dance schools nationwide, and international teaching positions in London, Belfast, Dublin, Paris, Rome and Madrid.Audrey’s resume includes: