Marcelo Gutierrez*

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Marcelo “El Chino” Gutierrez is one of that unique and lucky generation of tango professionals/ dancers that “came of age” in an era where tango came to a crossroads and renewed itself in the 2000’s.

He benefited both from being able to study with such old school masters as the Dinzels, Nito and Elba, the Rivarolas, Teresa Fernández (Todaro system) and Victor Arne; and from being part of the tango revolution that started with Gustavo Naveira and came to be known as Tango Nuevo.

El Chino started studying tango in 1998. He studied dance and choreography at IUNA (Instituto Universitario Nacional de Arte – Buenos Aires) where he received professional training in choreography, Russian and French classical dance, modern dance, jazz and yoga.
For the past 10 years he has worked on developing and perfecting the teaching system he has become so well known and respected for; a system focusing on stability, groundedness, comfort, natural body movement, core leading, organic leading and following..etc. Just a few classes with him can drastically improve your dancing and change your entire outlook of tango.

His famous exercises and specialized ideas: “Grounded,” “Standing leg,” “Push the Floor” and “The Horse Ride” exercise. Which has been copied by many others. He provides insightful tips, tools and techniques to help his students achive sel-confidence and self-consciousness to maximize their effort and dance effectiveness.

El Chino is regularly sought out to teach workshops of his system to groups of professional tango dancers around the world; and is also well known for his ongoing Cobra (teaching women to lead in tango) classes in Buenos Aires.

testimonial from Adam & Ciko:

“Marcelo Gutierrez has been one of our most influential teachers over the years.

The brilliance of his method resides in his intimate knowledge of the musculature involved in dancing tango, and of how best to train these specific muscles and muscle groups to work most effectively. He has developed various exercises for this purpose– ones that aid the body in discovering sensations, and others that strengthen the muscles involved– as well as exercises for maintaining posture, and those aimed at increasing sharpness and power of movement. Moreover, he relates pure movement of the body to the floor on which one dances, to the space through which one moves, and to one’s partner.

Over the years, he has impressed upon Ciko and me the paramount importance of being grounded dancers. More than a mere cerebral understanding of this important concept, he has successfully transferred the knowledge into our bodies– so that we may dance the way we have come to envision with this notion of groundedness. Other times, he succeeded in teaching concepts to our bodies before our minds have fully grasped them– a rare find in the world of tango pedagogy.

Marcelo is a teacher as much as he is a dancer. He is invested in his students’ growth as dancers as much as he is in his own. His training methods have had a huge impact in helping us to attain our own personal goals, and in shaping us into the dancers we are today. He is extremely approachable and humble. His care for his students extends beyond the confines of the classroom; he enjoys socializing with and getting to know them, which makes for a very personalized training experience.”

Adam and Ciko, New York