Stina Dallons

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Stina BioAn avid performer in the theater community, she found Lindy Hop to be similar in the joy it evokes out of others, not only when you dance but also for those that like to watch instead. It’s important to give something to your partner, yourself, as well as the people not dancing. She focuses on connection, weight changes, and intention and the shapes you make.

Stina is also a professional tap dancer and has been tapping since she was a wee babe and likes to add soft shoe elements to her dancing, mixed in with solo jazz vernacular. When not swing dancing, she works for Experience the Ride. She also choreographs tap numbers.

She recently won 1st place at the Frim Framiversary’s Jack and Jill with fellow instructor Rafal Pustelny. She has started traveling for competitions and jazz weekends. You can also see Stina performing with the Rhythm Stompers, the Lindy Hop All Stars, and the Brooklyn Bombshell Review, or traveling the world with Uncommon Rhythm, a Lindy Hop television show that is currently filming. For more info, check out